Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crafty Containers

I have never grown tomatoes in containers - usually I just plant them throughout the ornamental beds, filling in bare spots. I don't have a ton of room for edibles, and just a little raised bed in the front yard that would be overwhelmed with plants as large as tomatoes. This year I decided to experiment with growing tomatoes (and a yellow squash) in containers.
One day while working, my assistant, Ben and I were scheming about types of materials to make containers from and we really wanted to use old steel pipes but the pricing was out of my personal budget. (I'd love to do it in a client's yard, though.) Ben used to work at Stumptown Coffee before I stole him back and he was talking about all of the burlap bags that they cycle through and we thought it would be cool to use the bags as containers. So, I got my very sought after 'Black Krim' and 'Sun Gold' tomato starts, added organic potting soil, fish meal and steer manure to the bags, and planted the starts. There are now 2 containers in a sunny spot against the garage between the 'Karl Forester' reed grass. Kind of charming, no?

Speaking of containers, my Agave attenuata is out of the greenhouse and back in the garden. I like being able to add a colorful container anywhere, and it makes it possible to have non-hardy plants in the garden. I love this plant!


danger garden said...

The container is fun! And the A. attenuata is perfect. I've brought 2 of mine out for the summer (1 still in the house) but I'm wondering if it was the right thing to do with this insane weather forecast!

Elizabeth Cardinal said...

You know, I am not the tenderest plant parent, I'm more of the tough love variety and my agave does great. A little sunburn at first maybe, but that's it. I am leaving mine put during this weird weather spell.
BTW - I saw you mentioned in Kym's blog this morning! Awesome!